The stir with the iPhone 15 is continuous. The networks are filled with renders and concepts after the leaks received every week. This information is giving us an idea of ​​what the final device will be like… but without being anything official. What does seem certain is that Apple will abandon Lightning to finally bring the USB-C connector to the iPhone 15. However, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo continues with news and has predicted that Apple will limit the functions of USB-C cables to cables that are not certified by Apple.

The USB-C connector will come to the iPhone 15… with limitations

This news is not new. A few days ago we told you that Apple was getting ready to start MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) certification for USB-C cables. This certificate is a program created by the Big Apple to offer confidence in accessories and products from accessory manufacturers, among others. Thanks to this certification and by means of a chip, the device is able to recognize which accessories have the okay from Apple.

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The need for this MFI certification shows that Apple will put Limits on USB-C cables for iPhone 15. Therefore, the big apple will succumb to pressure to remove Lightning from the iPhone, but USB-C will not have an easy time. Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo assures that the iPhone 15 will limit charging devices just like the iPhone 14 already does, but in this case with a correct head (20W in the standard ones, 27W in the Pro models).

Kuo assures that faster USB-C charges will only come with MFI-certified cables from Apple. That is, the charging of the iPhone 15 will be limited in the event that we do not use an official cable or authorized by the apple. And beyond charging, there may be limitations on data transfer speeds as well. Everything remains to be seen.