Apple will manufacture its microLED screens for future iPhones

Like Juan Palomo, I cook it for myself, and I eat it. I don’t know the translation of it into English, but if for Tim Cook outside, it should be present in the paintings that decorate the walls of Apple Park. Apple does not like at all having to depend on the production of its devices from external companies, and little by little it is achieving its purpose of being more and more self-sufficient.

Now we have just found out that those from Cupertino have a project to be able to manufacture their own screens with microLED technology, and thus depend less on external suppliers, such as samsung. It plans to start with the screens of the Apple Watch Ultra, to continue later with those of future iPhones.

Nikkei Asia has just published a report explaining that the almighty Apple intends to start manufacturing its own screens microLED for your future devices. It will start shortly with the microLED screens of the next Apple Watch Ultra, to follow later with the screens for future iPhone models, also with the same microLED technology.

This document explains that Apple has already spent more than billion dollars in the development and research of said microLED display technology. And it seems that what until now was a project will soon be a reality.

Apple is working on this project with different research teams, located in the United States, Taiwan and Japan. It is speculated that the mass production will take place from some secret Apple plant in the city of Taoyuan in northern Taiwan.

such technology microLEDstill unprecedented in Apple devices, will make it possible to manufacture LED screens with greater brightness and greater energy efficiency than current OLED screens.

If the information in said report is confirmed, which explains that Apple’s first microLED screens will be for the Apple Watch Ultrascheduled for 2025, we will have to wait until at least 2026 to see the first iPhone with a microLED screen…