Apple will present new accessories at Keynote in March 2024

Apple is working hard to present a magnificent March 2024 Keynote, with an update to its iPad segment, new accessories and a new color in the 15 generation of the iPhone. However, rumors indicate that Apple will present a new range of iPhone caseswith more spring colors.

The Californian firm has a tradition of updating the colors of the Apple Watch straps seasonally and, true to tradition, this spring it is incorporating new colors for the cases and straps of the Apple smartphone and smart watch.

Spring colors for the AirPods case

The colors that Apple seems to present at Keynote, which will take place in the days March 18-19are the colors light blue (Light Blue); Ocean Blue (blue with a darker touch); Pink (pink), Raspberry (a strawberry color surely more saturated than the previous one and brighter); Soft Mint (light mint); sunshine (a very sweet and light yellow).

New colors for the Apple Watch straps have also been presented in its Hermes version, the premium Parisian fashion brand. Specifically, the colors are Bleu Céleste and Jaune de Naples.

The arrival of these so-called “spring” colors promises to renew the appearance of new devices, adding a touch of liveliness and color that is directly related to the most beautiful season of the year. Along with the arrival of new accessories, it is common for the Apple Watch to incorporate new spheres according to the new straps.

The negative note of this leak is that no more information appears about the characteristics of the new accessories of the iPadwhich seem to have a design more similar to Macs, with a larger Touch ID size.

Other possible presentations

Yellow iPhone 14 with Pro Max Silver

Along with the news described above, Apple can take advantage of this event to present a series of secondary products that do not overshadow the new iPad in its different segments.

Like the covers, the Californian company presents a new iPhone color in its entry range. This strategy has been happening for the last three years.

  • iPhone 14: new yellow color.
  • iPhone 13: new green color
  • iPhone 12: new purple color.

At the moment, it is unknown what color will be presented in the latest generation of smartphones. However, it is possible that it is a very pastel color, matching the colors of this generation.

On the other hand, it is very likely that Apple will present a renewal of the Mac mini and MacBook Air, where they incorporate the third generation Apple Silicon. Beyond the inclusion of the new chip, it is possible that they will present an incorporation of components, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. This renewal may also include new colors in the Air range, since the Mac mini has had the same design and color for years. Now, if it includes the M3 Pro, Apple may include the space gray color.

The strangest thing of all is that there are no rumors about the renewal of the Mac Studio with the arrival of the new Silicon, because it currently incorporates the M1. Is it possible that Apple will launch an iMac Pro?