Apple will produce the next 3-nanometer chips in the United States through TSMC

Apple Silicon is the set of Apple processors designed by themselves on ARM architecture. After taking the step with the presentation of the M1 chip years ago and integrating them into your MacBook, iPad Pro or iMac, it has made hardware-level transformation begins to make sense that was sought with the independence of Intel chips. Some media ensure that the next Apple chips will be 3 nanometer chips, with greater power and energy efficiency capable of increasing the performance of devices, and they will also be produced by TSMC at its new plant in Arizona in the United States.

Apple’s next 3-nanometer chips, produced in the US

Internal hardware technology is essential to improve resource optimization within a device. When we talk about chip sizes we are talking about a correlation between the size of the transistors inside the processor. Roughly speaking, the smaller a transistor is, the faster electricity can circulate inside them and, therefore, increase the speed with which you can solve the equations that the system offers you. In addition, by reducing the size of the transistors, we decrease the size of the processors and therefore we reduce the size they occupy inside the devices as well as their thickness so that smaller and more efficient devices can be created.

Hence the importance of generate new processors with smaller transistors that are capable of improving performance from generation to generation. Currently, Apple’s A16 chip, the one found in the iPhone 14 Pro for example, is a 5-nanometer chip. Thanks to information from a Chinese analyst, Morris Chang, we know that the company that supplies the processors to Apple, TSMC, I would be ready for produce 3-nanometer chips at its new plant in Arizona (USA):

3nm, TSMC, right now has a plan, but it hasn’t been fully finalized. Phase two is almost complete, at the same site in Arizona. 5nm is phase one, 3nm is phase two.


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TSMC’s 3nm chips already in tests for iPhone and Mac

twelve billion dollars is the money invested by TSMC, the Taiwanese company, to produce 5 nanometer chips on US soil. Some of these chips are the A16 chip or the M2 chip. Nevertheless, the upcoming M2 Pro, M3 chips or the A17 chip of the iPhone 15 Pro could be 3 nanometer chips.

TSMC could be prepared to design and produce chips of this size under technology called ‘N3’ at its US plant. This type of processor would increase the logical capacity by 70%, the speed by 15% at the same power and up to 30% if the power is reduced to achieve the same speed as the current one. It is quite a challenge at the hardware level that could boost the speed of the next Apple devices and produced in the United States.