Apple will release its own USB-C

We have more and more rumors about what the design of the new iPhone 15 family will be like, which will be presented in September 2023. One of the strongest rumors is that this iPhone will carry the iPhone for the first time in its history. usb-c connector, definitively abandoning the Lighting connector. Therefore, in this post we are going to discuss the latest rumors about this new connection and how it will affect the Cupertino flagship.

New design

In recent days, there are more and more leaks about how would be the iPhone 15, where we have already seen the first renders, and the arrival of the new design with the arrival of the new connection cable. This design includes a greater roundness in the frames of the device and, the chassis It will be made of a material other than aluminum.

the arrival definitely USB-C to all the fame iPhone is a step forward to get the standardization when charging and connecting our devices. However, this movement does not have the support of Apple from the outset and is the European Union who strongly seeks to reduce contamination and waste of components. Therefore, standardization is a strategy to end all this.

The obligation that all devices have USB-C technology, It will not cause Apple to lose autonomy in its devices, but the new generation of iPhone 15 would only work with certified USB-C cables by Apple, so, as with the Lighting connection, the company run by Tim Cook will want to continue controlling all the input elements of our iPhone via software.

Leaked iPhone 15

The data of what the UBS-C connection certification protocol, surely Apple will give news about it at the Developers Conference in June 2023, where the new operating systems with all its news. In it, it is possible that, through software, analyzing the betas, the developers find Indians about it. However, until September we cannot confirm the rumors.

It’s not the first time

The latest rumors also indicate that Apple is raising reduce the speed of file transfers between the standard iPhone models and the Pro series. This policy is not new, but Apple, in the launch of the tenth generation iPad, made the same movement, that is, it did not include the maximum transfer speed in the input device than in the top-of-the-range models.

USB-C port

From the writing team of La Manzana we don’t understand this movement by Apple, especially when the standard series and the Pro have the ability to take extremely high-quality photos and 4K video recording. If you produce these types of videos and photos, you need good file transfer capabilities to be able to send projects to your Mac and work in Final Cut Pro X or your favorite video or photo editing application, damaging the user experience in a way notorious.

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