Apple will say goodbye to “Hey Siri”

As the years go by, Apple does nothing but improve each and every one of its products and services that it has available to users. However, its assistant, Siri, seems to have been completely stuck years ago, being greatly outclassed by the competition. Well, it seems that Apple has not stopped working on it and, according to Mark Gurman, there could be news soon. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

“Hey Siri” will disappear sooner rather than later

When we all thought that Apple had practically left Siri aside, it seems not, that from Cupertino they continue to work hard to offer users new features related to this wizard that, although it was pioneering at its launch, over time it has been seen that Apple has not been able to evolve adequately while its competitors, who arrived much later, are able to offer many more solutions.

One of Siri’s hallmarks is the way users have to address her, which is commonly known as summoning her. For this it has always been used the voice command “Hey Siri”Well, that seems like it could change in a short space of time, and Apple will start a series of changes with this modification that, in theory, could enhance your assistant.

It has been the famous and reputed Mark Gurmann who has reported on it through their Power On newsletter. In it he states just this, that Apple would like to say goodbye to the “Hey Siri” commandcausing the assistant could simply respond to the word Siri. However, it does not seem that this change is as easy to implement as initially appreciated, so the Cupertino company will have to continue working on it. However, as Gurman also indicates in this bulletin, the company’s plans go through release this “novelty” in the year 2024which indicates that until then no more changes will be seen in an assistant that, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, is far behind its competitors.

In addition, it will be necessary to check if this change is really a before and after in the way in which users can interact with the assistant, since this is one of Apple’s points to improve. With both Alexa and Google Assistant, users can have a conversation without having to invoke the assistant in each sentence, this with this modification of “Hey Siri” could also change and it would be really great news for all users. Also, a change like this, predictably he would not come alone, so the year 2024 could finally be the time when the Cupertino company hits the table and gives all its users the assistant they really deserve, thus being able to compete with the two current giants that They are Alexa and Google Assistant. However, these are nothing more than rumours, so we will have to be very attentive to the next information that leaks about this possible novelty of Siri, and hopefully also of many others that are coming.