Apple wins the legal battle against Epic Games again

One of the most famous news a while ago was the complaint that Epic Games made to Apple, accusing the company of being monopolistic due to the terms of the App Store, its application store. The matter has not been fully settled and the judge has once again handed down a sentence in favor of one of the parties involved. If you want to know everything that has happened, keep reading that we will tell you.

The problems that have been and are between Apple and Epic Games They have not gone unnoticed by anyone, in fact, even today, quite some time after everything that happened, there are still trials to be determined, which is exactly what has happened on this occasion. Apple is accused of monopolyof having an application store that is too closed in terms of profit sharing, and that is just what stings Epic Games, which seems to be willing to go all the way.

The judge agrees with Apple in the case with Epic Games

The problem between these two companies was born in 2020when Epic Games completely violates the terms of the App Store that do not allow the development of a purchasing system external to the platform, which caused a battle that is still in force today, however, this movement has not served it much anymore that in 2021 the judge determined that Apple was not violating any antitrust laws. Obviously, Epic Games did not like this decision at all and their reaction was immediate, appealing the ruling.

Well, after appealing the decision, Epic Games has seen how The judge has returned, now, to agree with the Cupertino company, reaffirming the initial decision that leaves Apple as the “winner”, confirming what was already estimated in 2021. However, this decision does not interfere with the order that the Cupertino company received to implement changes within its application store, with the aim of allowing developers the opportunity to carry out alternative purchase mechanisms that can be made outside of the App Store. This action is something that, obviously, Apple is not amused at all, in fact, Cupertino is trying to postpone this development as long as possible, so much so that Apple itself has stated that this decision could harm the careful balance that currently exists between developers and customers that the App Store has created.

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Nevertheless, Apple doesn’t give up, and it is that despite the fact that he has expressed his conformity and agreement with the court’s decision, he also affirms that they are considering an additional review with the aim of being able to extend this change as long as possible, with the hope that they will not finally have to carry it carried out, something that, of course, seems unlikely. Finally, it must be remembered that Apple has also been “forced” to leave a path open to have more third-party stores from iOS 17, in this case forced by the European Union, something that, as you can foresee, has not sitting not well