Users search all day, constantly, and although there are different options, we undoubtedly end up opting for Google. The hegemony of this platform is present in many aspects of our daily lives that we are not aware of. For example, Google pays Apple 15 billion dollars to be the default search engine in Safari… and that makes up for the Big Apple. However, Apple He has been working on his own search engine for years which has been baptized with the code name Pegasus and could be gradually integrated into some Apple services… and even be able to displace Google in the distant future.

Google pays $15 billion to be the default search engine for iOS and iPadOS

Throughout these weeks, a trial is taking place in the United States due to the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Google for monopolistic behavior in relation to its search engine. In fact, Apple’s vice president of services, Eddy Cue, took the stand the other day to report on how the negotiations were held for Google to be the default search engine for Safari on its devices. The argument followed by Apple was the lack of any other alternative when said agreement was forged. We will see how all this ends and if justice rules on the elimination of this agreement.

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In parallel with this trial and the agreement signed by Google and Apple for which Google pays more than 15 billion dollars annually, Mark Gurman has reported that Apple already has its next-generation search engine ready, which they have named Pegasus. This project has been developing for years and even more so in recent years with the arrival of artificial intelligence and machine learning, led by John Giannandrea, Apple’s current head of artificial intelligence but who worked within Google’s search division until 2018.

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A promising future for Pegasus

This new Search Engine It does not intend to displace Google in the short term, but will enter Apple applications little by little. In fact, Gurman assures that the first service whose search engine is Pegasus will be the App Store, One of Apple’s main assets in terms of income is within the company’s services.

Finally, the analyst points out that Apple currently indexes part of the Internet to quickly show results in Siri and Spotlight but could be more powerful with a search engine enhanced with artificial intelligence like Pegasus. However, they currently do not have enough technology to launch a search engine that is a real competitor to Google. We will see what happens in the future.