The Apple Watch is one of those products that is a market leader for more reasons than one. The synergy between technology and software advances allow the Apple Watch to be crowned as one of the most interesting tools to improve our health every day. A leak from a few weeks ago suggested that those from Cupertino they might be thinking of new ways to pair the Apple Watch or even the possibility of being able to pair the watch with several devices at the same time. Can you imagine unlocking the iPad with your Apple Watch or having Mac notifications on your watch?

Can we pair an Apple Watch with multiple devices?

Currently pairing the Apple Watch It can only be done with an iPhone. Through Bluetooth and the iPhone camera we welcome the clock. It is a simple, fast mechanism that allows you to quickly adjust the initial settings in order to start tinker with the watch as soon as possible. Besides, we can pair multiple Apple Watches to the same iPhone, but not multiple iPhones to the same Apple Watch.

And this is something that could change in the coming months. We rescued a rumor published a few days ago in which they claimed that Apple was working on a new pairing concept for Apple Watch which brought the idea of Being able to pair multiple devices on the same watch. That is, being able to have multiple devices providing information to the Apple Watch.

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In fact, the Apple Watch is already used today for some actions without the need for pairing such as unlocking the Mac with the watch itself. However the leaker @analyst941, who currently does not have a Twitter account, assured that from Cupertino they had this idea in mind, that of modifying the exclusive way of pairing between iPhone and Apple Watch. The problem? Find the ideal way to carry out this idea. one of the options would make use of iCloud or even experience the same way of synchronization of the AirPods.

There are many doubts that arise around this topic: will we then need an iPhone by default or will we be able to initialize an Apple Watch from our Mac? It is likely that in Cupertino they are carrying out a series of ideas around modifying this concept of pairing, but what we don’t know is if it will become apparent now with iOS 17 and watchOS 10 or Apple will decide to wait until 2024, with the next batch of operating systems at WWDC24.