Apple would have taken the candy out of the mouth by blocking this highly acclaimed function

Just a few days ago, from this same editorial team we introduced you to a new application called Beeper Mini, in which it was possible to use the iMessage messaging service, but from an Android phone. This platform, proprietary to Apple, is only available for use on ecosystem devices. No Windows or Android. Beeper Mini wanted to change the situation and the truth is that it had been a step forward when it came to exchanging messages with Apple ID from Android.

When we write these lines we speak in the past tense for a simple reason: Apple has screwed up compatibility. And at least, for now, it is not known how the situation will continue.

How Beeper for iMessage works

iMessage is Apple's proprietary messaging platform. The California company, regarding the use of this service, is very clear: they do not want it to leave their ecosystem. Unlike its sister service, FaceTime, which can be used through a browser and having received a prior invitation, iMessage has a much more restrictive code.

And, precisely, it is the app code that has allowed Beeper Mini to work with iMessage on Android, thanks to reverse engineering. This procedure is not illegal, as long as original parts of the code are not used directly, without authorization. If you create new code that is compatible, and only use that new compatible code, there is no problem. Unless whoever provides the basis for operation turns off the tap.

In the case of iMessage, all the characteristic sections and aspects of the platform were being subjected to this process, and speaking through Beeper Mini was a practically identical experience to speaking through iMessage from an iPhone.

What has happened

As reported by the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors, “Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky told TechCrunch that all the data suggests that Apple has, in fact, found a way to make Beeper Mini stop working.” .

On the part of the company, they continue to investigate what may have happened, and it is the words of its manager that point directly. They also announce, from the same medium, that “there was immediate speculation” about the time that Apple would take to close iMessage access through Beeper Mini for Android.

iMessage in Europe

However, this last question remained, in turn, up in the air, given the meteorological conditions that Beeper carried out to the millimeter, so that the user experience and internal operation were practically the same as using iMessage on an iPhone.

No official statements of any kind have been made by Apple. And it is not known whether this is something intentional, or whether it is a circumstantial error that could end up being solved in the future. The truth is that, for the moment, all those people who want to use the service have reportedly experienced connection errors.