Apple would launch a Vision Pro 2 in 18 months. Or so the rumors say.

We've only had the first version of the Apple Vision Pro for a few weeks. But that doesn't stop us from looking at the successor to this product. In fact, rumors have already begun to emerge that talk about a second generation of spatial computing, and its arrival is projected in about 18 months. Do you want to know all the details? We tell you about them in this article!

Several specialized English-speaking media have echoed the news. The origin of this information is none other than the renowned Bloomberg analyst, Mark Gurman. In his newsletter he announced that Apple continues working on the development of more spatial computing and mixed reality hardware. And he predicts an arrival date for this new product: mid-2025.

Apple Vision Pro 2 in 2025?

Gurman has said that “The launch of a second generation of the Apple Vision Pro is likely to occur in 18 monthss”, and that this period can be “long for some people” when waiting for the new product. It is not specifically mentioned when the exact date will be, nor the countries in which this second batch of the viewer will be sold. Nor are any more countries or dates announced in which the first generation Vision Pro will arrive.

Will it be a second generation, or a cheaper version?

Mark Gurman has once again put one of Apple's possible key dates on the table: 2025. He has commented that we would have a new version of this product. However, Is this a second generation that improves everything about the current one? Or, is it going to be a more accessible version?

One of the options that has also been discussed is for Apple to launch a cheaper version (and with reduced capabilities) of the Apple Vision Pro. At the time, the English-speaking media Appleinsider commented that this “light” version It could have a final cost of around $2,000, $1,500 less than the current version costs. Again, 2025 was echoing in the background as the release date. So, after Gurman's statement, it remains to be seen what move Apple will finally take.

WWDC 2025?

The Apple Vision Pro were presented at the last WWDC in 2023. If we take into account the times mentioned, it is possible that Apple will coincide with the presentation of this second version for the year 2025. In fact, it must be taken into account that the Update times on some products have changed.

wwdc 2023

Where before we had renewals every year for practically everything, now the iPads will have taken two years to be renewed. The same as some computer models, such as the 24″ iMac, or the iPhone SE. The Apple Vision Pro is a product loaded with technology, and it is opening a new era, both within the company and within the technological landscape. So, if we also take into account that the Apple Vision Pro has just come out of the oven, we also do not know the times that the company will decide to establish when presenting them.