AppleCare+ Will Repair All Accidental Damage, Reminded By Apple

Apple introduced a few changes in their AppleCare+ plan at the beginning of this month. They have an extended warranty for all Apple products along with covering accidental damages to them as well. While AppleCare+ provided 2 services every year on accidental damage earlier, Apple is now offering ‘unlimited’ repairs. 

On 23rd September, Apple started sending email reminders to all AppleCare+ users about their changes. 

New Services For AppleCare+ 

Apple’s reminder email has emphasized the fact that the AppleCare+ plan will now offer an additional advantage of an umpteen number of repair services. This added offer has replaced the previously offered mere 2 repair services every 1 year. This offer remains valid during the course of the plan’s effect and active status. 

Apple also stated that added services are completely free of cost and customers need not pay or do anything extra to avail of these offers. 

To Trust Or Not To Trust? 

Despite the email reminder, customers are still not certain whether the company will seriously offer ‘unlimited’ repair services in practicality or not. Often seen that such unlimited offers come with terms and conditions or lead to abusive practices. 

AppleCare+ has varying prices based on the devices. Customers will have choices of complete payment or monthly subscription. iPhone 14 costs $199 for the complete price and $9.99 monthly charges for AppleCare+. It must also be noted that despite subscription, AppleCare+ services have a fee in case customers want to avail of their repair offer.

The company also offers a loss and theft warranty that comes with a more expensive AppleCare+ plan. Although this plan also received an upgrade like repair services, AppleCare+ will only cover 2 incidents of loss or theft every year. 

Apple has updated its official website with the rest of the changes and upgradation in existing plans.