Apple’s AR glasses will work similar to iOS and some other things that are worthwhile

The AR glasses from Apple that we have been waiting for so long may come true in this year 2023. That at least is the rumors from last year. It is true that a name and everything has already been given to their operating system, but what has not been said yet is that they would work in a similar way to how it does iOS and that it will also have advanced hand tracking or that it will serve as a second screen for Macs.

At the end of last year we already saw how the rumors about the new AR glasses from Apple could be ready for this year 2023 that we have just begun. Rumors indicate that it is more than likely that it uses its own operating system. And that this would work in a similar way to how iOS does. That at least is what one of the new and latest rumors says, which you already know will not be the last.

Along with this new feature, we can also say that it has been mentioned that it would have advanced hand tracking. In addition, they could work as a second screen for existing Macs on the market today.

These rumors should not be overlooked, because they have been launched by the prestigious Blommberg edition. We already know that Mark Gurman is an Apple specialist and that his hit rate is very high, so we must be vigilant.

The new operating system of the AR glasses, therefore, would have a screen with an interface that is almost identical to the appearance of an iPhone or iPad. That is to say, app icons that can be rearranged, as well as customizable widgets.

For hand tracking, Apple would use external cameras that can analyze the user’s hands and eyes. glasses would be checked looking at an item on the screen to select it.

It seems that the previous rumors about the glasses will come true.