Apple’s big disappointments in 2022

The great disappointments

It should be noted that all of Apple’s renewed products in 2022 have taken a leap forward in terms of features compared to their previous generation. However, the differences or its innovation between its generations makes it a good product for this 2022 or a product that is difficult to recommend.

Specific, there are three products that have suspense this 2022, and that they must improve for the next generations to excite users again. Specifically, we are referring to the iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and the iPhone 14.

iPad Pro with M2 chip.

Among the great disappointments of the year, the scarce renewal of the iPad Pro with the new M2 chip cannot be missing. It should be noted that it also includes improvements at the screen level with Liquid Retina XDR that shows its benefits when you are editing photos and videos in HDR.

It is true that it incorporates software improvements with iPadOS and the arrival of DaVinci Resolve, but except for that and the small improvement mentioned, the iPad Pro of 2022 is practically similar to the previous generation and that it does not deserve to renew the device and in the case of opting for an iPad Pro, see if there is a good offer from the previous generation.

The MacBook Pro with M2 chip.

The MacBook Pro with the M2 chip has gone completely unnoticed in Apple’s new catalog, eclipsed by the MacBook Air with the M2 chip and its new design and Apple’s most professional range of 14-inch MacBook Pros.

It maintains the same design as previous generations, which gives the sensation of carrying an old device despite the fact that it has the most current chip to date. The aspect that stands out the most about this device is the absence of magsafe charger that incorporate almost the equipment of the Air and Pro range. Likewise, this equipment does not carry an SD card reader or HDMI, the presence of adapters being essential in a device that is supposed to be Pro.

macbook pro m2

iPhone 14

Probably the biggest failure of this in this 2022 It is the iPhone 14, since Apple had high hopes for a device that had to replace the Mini range and that it sought to recover lost sales after the poor sales of said generation. However, the results have been terrible, with reservations below the third-generation iPhone SE.

The discouraging data does not surprise the entire Apple community, since it is a device that barely has improvements compared to its previous generation. Proof of this is that they even carry the same chip, the A15 Bionic chip. It is true that it has made a leap with respect to video recording and taking pictures, but the price increase, above the a thousand eurosmakes many users prefer the iPhone 13 Pro over the current generation.

iphone 14 purpleLeave us in the comments if there is any product that you would include in the great disappointments of this 2022.