Apple’s deals for Black Friday

Once the month of November begins, all eyes are on that last weekend in which all the discounts that many have been waiting for for months take place. Well, in this post we are going to tell you what you can expect from Apple for this Friday of offers, since those from Cupertino have a different way of doing things, even on days like that.

Black Friday is one of the times of the year when more purchases are made, especially in the world of technology, since there are numerous companies that join this movement and, therefore, the number of offers that are available to all users is also numerous. It is a perfect time to be able to acquire this product that you wanted so much for a cheaper price and even get ahead of your Christmas shopping and thus also save good money.

What discounts does Apple do?

Apple, as usual, does things a little differently from the rest of the companies, and it is that really, if you were waiting for those from Cupertino to lower the price of their products, I am sorry to tell you that this is not going to happen, at least not in the Apple Store. It is a company that values ​​what its devices are capable of offering, understanding that lowering their price would also lower the value they have and offer.

Therefore, in the Apple Store, both physical and online, never lower the price of a device until, at least, its next generation comes out, then it is when Apple lowers its price or even removes it from the market as happens on many occasions.

Apple Watch Ultra + iPhone

However, this does not mean that those from Cupertino do not join, in their own way, this Black Friday, and it is that what Apple usually does on this day is to offer buyers of its products, a gift voucher of a certain amount, which obviously depends on the price of the product you have purchased. In this way it is true that you do not save anything on the purchase of that product, but you will have a great discount on the next one.

Where can you find discounts on Apple products?

However, the fact that Apple does not offer discounts as such on its products does not mean that users cannot take advantage of Black Friday to purchase that Apple device they wanted at a cheaper price. Fortunately, not only in the Apple Store can you buy Apple equipment, also in other stores and on other large platforms that, obviously, do join this day and, of course, offer large and interesting discounts on apple products.

MacBook Air

In addition, while at Apple this promotion usually only lasts that same Friday, over time, the rest of the stores have been extending Black Friday, to the point where there are really a lot of offers throughout that week. that you have to take into account and that you have to be aware of in order to take advantage of them. Here is a list of stores that you have to keep an eye on if you want to buy cheaper Apple products on Black Friday.

  • Amazon.
  • Media Markt.
  • Yaphone.
  • PcComponents.
  • The English Court.