Apple’s disappointment will affect the future of this new iPhone

iPhone sales are not doing as well as Apple would like, well, sales of some iPhone models are not doing as well as Apple would like, and that is having a direct impact on one of the future products that those of Cupertino have in mind to launch on the market. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The new iPhone SE could be delayed

One of the most prestigious analysts in the world of Apple and who has been able to make the most predictions in recent years is Ming-Chi Kuo, who has reported on the situation in which the future iPhone SE is of which we already know practically all its details, of which we will now speak. Well, surely what we are going to tell will not please all those who are looking forward to this device, because everything seems to indicate that it will be delayed possibly until 2024.

This decision by Apple is not caused by any problem in the manufacture of the device nor by any alteration in the supply chain, but rather It is due to the few sales that the cheapest iPhone models are generating in this last year. Apple has detected how the third-generation iPhone SE, the iPhone 13 mini or the iPhone 14 Plus have a really low demand, which has led those in Cupertino to make the decision to delay the mass production of the next iPhone SE until 2024. But beware, that does not stop there, since another of the options that Apple is considering is the possibility of even cancel production of itIn other words, it is not at all clear that we will finally see a new iPhone SE.

To this must be added a purely economic reasonand it is that the cost of making the “new” iPhone SE is going to be higher than the current one because the increase in screen derived from the new design that this device will carry causes its cost to be higher and, therefore, If Apple does not want to increase the price of it, it will have to resign itself and get less benefits from this equipment.

What will the next iPhone SE be like?

There have already been many rumors that have spoken about this new iPhone and, although obviously Apple has not confirmed anything, they all point to the same direction, and that is that the next iPhone SE is going to be a big change with respect to what has been had so far in this product range, especially in relation to its size.

iPhone SE design

As we have previously mentioned, this new iPhone is going to have an all-screen design, with a 6.1 inch panelThat is to say, saying goodbye to the characteristic that has always accompanied the iPhone SE, being a small device. Actually, it seems that what Apple has in mind to do is to release the iPhone XR but with the name of iPhone SE and some other modifications beyond the design with the aim of making it a much more current device.