Apple’s plans is to diversify its suppliers and for that it believes that it is necessary for the work to be carried out in several countries. This is true of the saying of not putting all your eggs in the same basket. With the great problems that have arisen in China as a result of the coercive measures due to the COVID pandemic, it is wanted that more countries can fill these deficiencies. India seemed a good ally for this task. However, quality standards are not being met and therefore, that idea may have to be stopped.

Apple’s workforce is very diverse and highly diversified. The objective of dealing with setbacks that may arise urgently. In case, for example, of the pandemic, almost all production was in China. However now it is diversifying and India is an emerging country. But it does not seem that it is going at the pace that the company wants, which is seeing how the quality standards are only met at 50%. Although India has been an Apple ally since 2017, Last year, Apple significantly increased its production in India, building some iPhone 14 models in the country within weeks of launching in China.

At a factory in Hosur run by Apple supplier Tata that makes iPhone cases, only one in two components coming off the production line meet the quality demanded by the American company to be sent for assembly at Foxconn. A performance of these dimensions is particularly low for almost any production operation. And it goes against the environmental and manufacturing goals of Apple’s “zero defects”.

We’ll see how it all ends. Because the Indian company wants to become one of Apple’s allies like Foxconn and be at its level, with which we understand that their qualities will improve.