Apple’s failures that have turned around today

First hardware, now service

Apple bets very strongly on services. Music, movies and sports are three very popular areas in the company. But there are also video games thanks to Apple Arcade, the subscription service with which we have access to a good catalog of video games, in high definition and without ads. And on any Apple device that is compatible with this service. But this not Apple’s first attempt in video games.

Apple Pippin was his first foray into the world of video games, and it was a console that failed miserably. Its price was exorbitant, it had very little catalogue, its image quality was not very good, it had no interface and the control was very rough. It was presented as an advanced graphics console, focused both on a more adolescent audience and on a younger audience, since it had some “educational” games. It never saw the light of day in Europe, and was only sold in Japan (under the name Pippin Atmark) and in the US (Pippin Atworld) and lasted less than two years on the market. As a curious fact, Apple was the bidder, but Bandai was the company in charge of manufacturing it.

Apple TV and Macintosh TV

Apple and its taste for television date back to the mid-90s, when they released the Macintosh TV. It was a Macintosh computer that, in turn, had the capacity to be a conventional television, to watch live programming. It was a 2 in 1 devicesince we had a Macintosh computer and a Sony Trinitron monitor in the same body.

macintosh tv

Its price was one of the main culprits for its failure, since it cost more than two thousand dollars at that time. Its manufacture was very limited, in the same way as its lifetime: less than half a year. Today that taste of television is called the Apple TV, and the first version of this device came out just a few years after the first Macintosh TV.

The iPad and the Pencil have a lot of weight

It is said that Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head. Apple wanted to reinvent the apple, and the full weight of gravity fell on it. Apple Newton was by far Apple’s most expensive and resounding flop. When PDAs were all the rage, Apple wanted to be one of the first to bring one to market. And the play went very wrong: an interface with few options, poor resolution, an unresponsive stylus, roo typing detection system, and a long list of things that weren’t right at all.

ipad apple newton

But this served to sow a “seed”, which today we can see reflected in the iPad. Since it is an excellent device that does well everything that Newton wanted to do well and could not. And with Apple Pencil included. From the most notorious failure, to the best tablet on the market and, by far, the most sold and loved by users.