Apple’s foldable, what do we know about it?

Apple’s news does not give up, and a very good example of this is the large number of rumors that day after day come to light about everything that the Cupertino company can, or is preparing for all users. Well, this time we are going to put aside the WWDC and everything that this entails to talk to you about a product that we could consider the great unknown of Apple, its foldable. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The folding boom seems to have stalled, at least for the moment, which does not mean that more and more companies are joining this trend that seems not to have had as much success as many would like. However, one of which has not yet given many signs of life is Apple, in fact, given the level of news and leaks that are known about the company, it is quite strange that not a single concept or mockup has yet been leaked. what could be the folding of Apple.

Apple’s foldable is far away

If there is something that characterizes the Cupertino company, it is that They have a very well marked route line and on rare occasions they get out of it to follow a fashion or trend. This has two perspectives, on the one hand the positive, and that is that in the end they are always very clear about where they want to go and how to do it, and on the other the negative, and that is that sometimes they can lose a great market opportunity, such as the folding case.

Obviously yes, rumors have been heard about what could be a folding iPhone or iPadIn fact, the latest news that is known about it indicates that the company is working on a device of this type, but that they are still really green with it, testing different models of folding iPhone and iPad.

foldable ipad

have been the analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Youngwho have a certain prestige within the world of Apple, those who have affirmed that yes, Apple is working on a folding device, but that It will not be until 2025, at the earliest, when users can see and see what Apple is up to.with this device. The truth is that when Apple does not take the lead within a range of products or markets, when it arrives it is usually late, but it usually arrives perfectly, usually improving everything that came before, and of course this seems to be the case, Or at least we hope so.

As we said before, it is not yet clear what Apple will do, since they are working with both iPhone and iPad folding, so it is a real unknown which of the two will go first or, failing that, which will be chosen. by the company to go to market. What is clear is that it is certainly a product that arouses the interest of users despite the fact that, as we mentioned, the rise of this type of product has slowed down a bit, since in the end a foldable is not made for everything. the world despite the great advantages it can offer.