Apple’s latest invention goes further than we could have imagined

For a few weeks now we have been explaining to you how Apple is busy in its offices, with the development of a smart ring with which to interact with different devices in the ecosystem. Wearable devices are booming, and with the Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro, Apple already has two wearable technology devices.

The smart ring would be a third, when it finally sees the light. but now, there is another wearable in development, which consists of glasses. But they are not mixed reality viewers, as is currently the case with the Apple Vision Pro. It is a device that would interact with the iPhone, and is shaped like sunglasses. But how can they communicate and interact with each other?

They change state based on what they see

As explained by Patently Apple, a specialized media that has echoed this patent, “it covers devices, systems and methods that control a visual transmission of light from a first device (in this case, glasses), while capturing a image through a second device.

In other words, these glasses change the state of their lenses when they detect that the flash of an iPhone, when taking a photo, is on. And it is not that when facing the photo, on the screen, you can see glasses with clear lenses. Rather, it is the glasses themselves that change from a dark state to a transparent state when they receive this pulse of light directly.

The operating system intertwines several processes, which are reflected with images and diagrams in the same patent document, which you can see from here:

  • A processing unit (the CPU)
  • A device with sensors that detect inputs and outputs
  • A command interface
  • Programming interfaces
  • Surfaces (displays)
  • Image Sensor System

All the pieces of this puzzle interact, meaning that, through the operating system of these glasses and the modules that integrate the sensors, they cause them to change their physical state when receiving external stimuli.

Why would Apple want to do this?

Are we facing a turning point in which Apple is going to position itself as a technological fashion accessories brand? Are they going to have more benefits, beyond the change in physical state?

In addition to the iPhone flash, is it possible that we will see open compatibility? Or will it simply be a closed system? There are many questions that arise as a result of all this. but the truth is that Apple is serious about the interaction between human beings and technology, beyond a screen. And now they have managed to patent a device that, together with applied elements of technology, can change your physical state.

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