Apple’s latest whim that will cost you billions

The rumors around everything that has to do with Apple do not stop flourishing, and although some are true that they are nothing more than smoke, many others must be taken into account because on many occasions they are capable of hitting the right button. that they are plotting from the offices of Cupertino. For this reason, in this post we tell you one of those that, of course, will give a lot to talk about.

Apple has set its eyes on English football

Apple and sports have always gone hand in hand, but until recently it was only in the realm of practice. Today those of Cupertino no longer only have a device that encourages users to move and play sports such as the apple watchbut they have their own training service, Apple Fitness+ and, they have fully entered the world of sports broadcastseven, one of the series that exists the most has had within Apple TV +, ted lassoIt’s about soccer.

But beware, that does not stop there, and it is that a movement that has certainly made clear the intentions that the Cupertino company has with the world of sports are the agreements that it has reached with the big Baseball and Soccer Leagues in Americareaching the point of broadcasting Major League Soccer matches, so much so that in the month of February all the matches of MLS will be available exclusively on the Apple platform.

In addition to this, just a few days ago it was the Cupertino company itself that premiered, again on Apple TV+, the documentary about one of the strongest conflicts that has taken place and is taking place in the world of sports in recent years. , the Super League, all this with the documentary series «The Super League: war for football».

The Super League

However, it seems that those from Cupertino do not want to stop there, and one of the rumors that has been making the most noise in recent days puts Apple’s eyes on one of the biggest soccer leagues in the world, in fact, surely the best league in the world the premier league. The rights of the English league end in the year 2025, however, the bids to be able to broadcast the matches of this incredible competition will begin very soon, and that is where it seems that Apple has a lot to say. In fact, it has been an English newspaper itself, the prestigious and reputed Daily Mailwho has affirmed the interest that Apple has in getting this agreement closed, yes, he will have to leave much more money than what it cost him to get the MLS games, which are 250 million dollars a year.

In addition, a fundamental aspect must be taken into account and that is that Apple will not be able to buy the exclusive rights, since the Premier League does not allow any media to have a monopoly on its matches. In fact, it is currently Sky Sports and BT Sport who have these television rights. Although yes, it seems that Tim Cook cares very little about this detail because everything indicates that Apple will go very hard to bring the Premier League to Apple TV +.