Apple Glass has often been talked about as the next potentially groundbreaking device for the Big Apple. However, it’s a totally different device than the mixed reality headset we’re likely to see later this year. The intense work that is being carried out at Apple headquarters is focused on the mixed reality glasses, you will get an immersion with both augmented and virtual reality. Finally, rumors and internal reports suggest that Apple may have stopped working on Apple Glass to focus solely on the mixed reality headset. Will this be true? Will we ever see the other glasses we’ve fantasized about for years?

Apple Glass is no longer a priority for Apple

The information that has been published in recent months about the next great device from the Big Apple is high. It is nothing more and nothing less than the mixed reality glasses that will allow the user to immerse themselves in virtual and augmented reality, all in one. Glasses oriented above all to experimentation in the metaverse, in collaborative video calls and also to immersive experiences of all kinds.

Apple AR Glasses

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However, at Apple they were also working on the augmented reality glasses which they named Apple Glass a long time ago. These glasses were going to be similar to Google Glass that would superimpose information on a screen on the real plane. But it seems technical problems with Apple Glass have gone in crescendo in the last months and that has caused Apple stop working hard on the project and stop having such a priority.

Therefore, the number one priority now falls on the future mixed reality glasses that will be released this year. More information offered by Bloomberg also ensures, and this directly from some Cupertino employees, that Apple Glass will never see the light of day. And it would be another great project like the AirPower charging base that will remain in the pipeline of the big apple. However, the Apple Glass was never announced.