Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Will Debut At WWDC 2023

Despite years of speculation, Apple is supposed to finally unveil its long-awaited Mixed Reality Headset in June at the company’s annual developer conference. It seems that development on the AR/VR headset began as far back as 2015! The original unveiling date of June 2022 has been moved back again, this time to January of this year, and then again to the vaguely defined “spring” of this year, and now to June.

All of this is, of course, hearsay, and only Apple knows for sure if this many delays occurred behind closed doors in Cupertino. The point is, we have to wait a little while longer. 

Mixed Reality Headset Will Be Released Soon

The newest holdup is the result of unresolved software and hardware problems. They supposedly decided to push back the event again early this month. The Mixed Reality Headset will be unveiled at Apple’s World Wide Development Conference (WWDC) in June, but it will not ship until “later in the year.” The “timing might always change again,” as the report of today warns. Nonetheless, Apple is “focused on putting the smartphone to market by the end of 2023 if feasible,” so take that for what it is worth.

According to the article, Apple’s “next big endeavor” is developing a Mixed Reality Headset. This is a polite way of expressing that the company wants to diversify its revenue streams away from its iPhone sales, which now account for more than half of its total earnings.

There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but it remains to be seen if Apple can perform enough magic to convince the general public that this concept is worthwhile. No headset has been able to do that thus far. Let us see what happens; Apple does have a history of innovation that makes new items “simply work” while competitors were clumsy. However, the business reportedly aims to sell the headgear for about $3,000, which makes it a very specific market offering.