Apple’s most anticipated product has a presentation date

There are many devices from the Cupertino company that are capable of raising that interest and hype, without going any further, rumors about the new iPhone 15 do not stop coming out. However, there is a gadget that is not yet on the market and on which Apple is working a lot, and they are its AR/VR glasses, well, keep reading that we are going to tell you the date on which they will surely be presented.

AR/VR glasses have dominated, and will continue to do so, numerous covers for a long time, and the reality is that it is not for less. It is a product that is expected to be completely disruptive, and which also means for the Cupertino company add a new product category within the Apple Store, with all that this entails.

Despite all this expectation, the truth is that at the level of detail It is not yet known too much what these Apple glasses will be like and, above all, what will they allow the user to do when they are on, and surely this is one of the reasons why every day there is more commotion around a launch that, of course, can mark a before and after. an after within Apple and, of course, also for all users.

When are these Apple glasses going to be presented?

The launch date of this new product has also been a great subject of debate for a long time, in fact, it still is today, but the good old Mark Gurman, a well-known and reputable analyst of Apple news, has shed some light on possible date that they would be considering from Cupertino to carry out this launch.

Initially, the most quoted date was the month of April, however, as we say, Gurman has stated that this could be delayed a couple of months, and make an appearance at the month of Junethat is, possibly the launch of these Apple glasses takes place at WWDC 2023that is, at the Apple Developers Conference.

The main reason why Apple has made this decision is because the product still does not work as it should, and therefore, in this way in Cupertino they gain more time to be able to finish polishing what is failing them today. But beware, this is not the first time it has happened, since according to many analysts with sources very close to Apple, this product was on the company’s roadmap for last year, that is, for 2022, having to delaying and delaying its launch always due to problems with it, and that is that in the end, when you launch the first version of a device like this, these are things that usually happen.

What is clear is that when Apple finishes presenting and launching this product, there will be a great desire to try it and to see to what extent Apple has managed to introduce equipment that, in some way, changes the lives of users. Of course, all those who are thinking of buying these glasses, have to take into account that all the rumors suggest that They will have a price that will be around 3000 dollars.