Apple’s new AirPods Pro at a discount on Amazon

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Apple headphones have many positive points, which we will talk about a few lines below. However, they also have some negatives, mainly one, the price that users have to pay to enjoy them. At Apple they cost 299 eurosthat is, 20 euros more expensive than the previous generation, although it is true that it is a very slight increase if we compare it with what other products of the company have suffered.

Now, thanks to Amazon and the offer it has, You can buy these headphones for 269 euros, that is, 30 euros of discounts with respect to its starting price. It is a very good offer because in the end, they are headphones that have only been on the market for a few months and, in addition, Apple never lowers its products, so if you are waiting to buy them cheaper in the Apple Store itself, We recommend that you take advantage of this offer and save these 30 euros that can really come in handy.

Reasons to choose AirPods

As we told you before, there are many reasons why buying the second generation AirPods Pro is a great idea. In the first place, obviously, because of the current offer on Amazon. After this, its features are really incredible, it has one of the best noise cancellations on the market, which will allow you to isolate yourself whenever you want in the best possible way, in addition, it also has the ambient mode, which will allow you to do just the opposite, that is, to listen wonderfully to everything that happens around you while listening to music , a podcast or watch content on another of your devices.

AirPods ProThe sound quality is also really remarkable.In fact, it is surely the point where Apple has improved the most compared to the previous generation, and that was already very good. They support Apple Music spatial audio and lossless audio, so enjoying your favorite tunes with these headphones is a joy. Another aspect to take into account is the comfortFor some users, the pads have always been a problem, and for this Apple has introduced a new size, the XS, making it possible for many of these users who dropped their headphones to enjoy them without problems. Also, due to its size and the features that we have told you about, it is undoubtedly a headset that you can use for anything, in fact I personally like to call them all-terrain headphones.

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