Apple’s new AirPods will leave you speechless

One of the ways through which you can get some clues about what Apple can do in the future is through patentsWell, the Cupertino company does not cease in its desire to evolve its products and a very good proof of this is the latest patent that it has registered and that could considerably modify one of the star products that are currently sold with the logo of the apple.

The patent that announces a historic change in AirPods

According to a new patent that has been shared by Patently Apple, those of Cupertino have in mind make the AirPods box not only serve to store and charge them inside, but it is intended to make it more functional if possible. Well, the way that Cupertino seems to have in mind to make the AirPods case take center stage in the day-to-day life of users is insert a small screen on its surfaceso that through it users can see what song is being played through the AirPods and, of course, interact with it through the traditional controls to skip songs, pause or resume.

Without a doubt, it is something really strange and that has surprised everyone who has heard about this news, since it would also be necessary to check to what extent this implementation can be useful for AirPods users, who can already do these actions from the headphones themselves or from any other device such as the Apple Watch or the iPhone.

Obviously, the fact that Apple has registered this patent It does not mean that yes or yes it will carry out this implementation in the AirPods charging case in a short space of time, in fact, we may never see a case with these characteristics, but it does show that from Cupertino they are looking for a way to turn it around to an element that, so far and as we have told you, “only” serves to store and charge Apple headphones.

AirPods with screen

However, the implementation of a screen in the AirPods charging case leaves many doubts, both for its utility as well as for how delicate it can be, since taking into account that the AirPods case is always inserted into backpacks, bags or pockets, it would imply that this hypothetical screen would always be in contact with elements that could damage it. In addition, it must also be taken into account that, almost certainly, the inclusion of this novelty would make the price of headphones increaseAnd, the question is, to what extent is it worth buying AirPods at a higher price just for having a screen in the case?