Apple’s new patent is going to take your colors away

Although we have a lot of launches on the table, this does not mean that Apple’s Cupertino offices do not continue to innovate to bring improvements in terms of hardware and software. And recently a patent has come to light which is echoed in the English-speaking news outlet Patently Apple, in which a new type of interaction, very curious, with the Apple Vision Pro is revealed and which ( literally) it’s going to bring out the colors. If you want to know more about it, we will tell you in this post.

Can you imagine using your Apple Vision Pro and decide it’s a good time to draw? Without having to have a pencil on hand, or paper, or even a palette with which to mix colors. And you don’t need to have a specific surface with which to do this.

You can draw how and when you want, thanks to the Vision pro

A few months ago we told you how Apple was keeping in mind the idea that any surface can be used to interact with any virtual element. So, on a table, wall or countertop, we can have a video player, a Word document, or a music player that we can control with our own hands.

From the English-speaking news outlet Patently Apple, they explain that this new Apple invention “will provide a virtual canvas and a drawing notebook, with the ability to paint and erase, as well as the possibility of painting or drawing layers that will then They can be edited.

With the premise of creating an immersive environment based on what we have around us, we will be able to “create a virtual drawing as if we were in the real world.” And not only that: The versatility of space also translates into the versatility of what we can carry out during the drawing process. “The techniques described allow the user the ease and efficiency of manipulating a portion of the drawing they have created,” they explain. These techniques involve changing, deleting and altering different elements.

The drawing will also be accompanied by sound material. In order to have the most immersive experience possible, when we are using different materials in the virtual environment, we will have sound outputs, to give us the feeling that what we are doing is “real.” In other words, if we are using a pencil, we will have the sound of a pencil drawing in the different positions in which we put our hand.

But not only with a pencil: Also pens, pens, brushes and all kinds of tools conventionally used in drawing. And from the tools, we move on to how we draw. With more force? Less pressure? Faster? “The magnitude of the audio response increases or decreases, respectively, depending on the force we apply to the virtual drawing surface.”

apple vision pro sensors

It must be emphasized that all this is possible, without the use of external physical tools or accessories, thanks to the different sensors that the Apple Vision pro incorporate, and that allow our hands to be the ones who take control of the entire virtual software environment, based on the elements we have around us.