Apple’s New Reality Pro VR Is Extremely Ambitious

According to a thorough new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s long-rumored Reality Pro VR headset could be crammed with audacious technologies, including sophisticated hand tracking, the ability to see your Mac’s display, and even remaking electronic editions of users in one-on-one FaceTime conversations.

Many of the cutting-edge technologies will be made possible by “multiple” exterior cameras that can monitor your hands as well as “sensors inside the Reality Pro VR’s enclosure,” according to Gurman. 

Reality Pro VR Will Be Impressive

These cameras and sensors can also be used to read your eyes. According to reports, the headgear won’t require extra controllers like the high-end Meta Quest Pro and the future PlayStation VR2 since you can simply gaze at anything onscreen to pick it up and then press your fingers together to activate it.

Gurman claims that the headset will allow users to switch between VR and AR by turning a digital crown, which was also mentioned earlier this month by The Information. Similar to the Quest Pro, it appears that Apple’s headset will place a strong emphasis on inter-headset user communication. According to Gurman, the device will be able to “realistically portray a user’s face and whole body in virtual reality” during one-on-one FaceTime talks between two individuals who are both wearing headsets.

If this is implemented, it will be a significant achievement since many virtual conference rooms currently use cartoonish avatars. According to Gurman, the business is also working on an immersive method of watching films on a large screen while wearing the headset, albeit you’ll need AirPods to hear spatial audio. Additionally, you will be able to utilize the headset to view your Mac’s display in virtual reality while maintaining mouse and keyboard functionality. According to Gurman, the battery of the Reality Pro VR will be transferred to an external pack that is meant to fit in your pocket and connect to the device with a wire, much like the Magic Leap.