Apple’s plans for their computers, will there be surprises?

The entry range: MacBook Air and iMac

The input range, that is, the Air segment, seems to continue to be made up of the 24-inch MacBook Air and iMac without expecting major renovations between them. However, the difference of these devices will be focused on their processors.

He iMac was one of the first devices to carry the first generation Apple Silicon (M1 chip), while, the macbook air They have already renewed their M2 chip and have presented a new design. The difference for this 2023 seems to be that Apple wants to segment the market for the MacBook Air and the iMac. With respect to laptopsit is rumored that Apple intends to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air for this 2023, with which you can perform daily tasks on a larger screen.

If we go to the desktop models, we find the iMac 24 inches with two three different models and that have different hardware features. Apple plans to level the 15-inch MacBook Air and the 24-inch iMac at the same level of features, as the most powerful device for the generic public, and below the Pro series.

yellow iMac
Regarding your silicon processors, the 24-inch iMac will have an M3 chip While the MacBook Air will have the M2 chip, but with more GPU and CPU cores, but without reaching Apple’s most powerful chips because the purpose of this laptop is for a non-professional public.

The Pro range

With respect to Pro range It seems that there is little doubt, since with the recent update of the chips it seems that everything has been quite structured, where all that remains is to see the update of the M2 Max and Ultra chips, which seems that it will not take place throughout this year, so there won’t be a complete update to all of Apple’s famous laptops and Macs, leaving the most powerful chips for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

mac studio 3

Within this Pro range, the Mac Pro with Intel chip, which is a specific device for a specific audience and type of user. Currently, there are also rumors that this device is going to be renewed, but it is not known for sure which will be the processor or processors that this desktop mounts. Even so, the rumor mill says that it will mount a more advanced version of the M2 Ultra chips.

Nor are renewals expected this year of their two monitorss, both from Studio Display and Pro Display XDR. The first of these was released last year alongside Mac Studio, and Apple’s most advanced monitor will launch with the complete revamp of the Mac Pro,

mac studio 4

By way of conclusion, the Pro range it seems it is quite structured and differentiated between the segments, while the air rangewith the launch of the 15-inch MacBook Air, will distinguish the most advanced 24-inch iMac and 15-inch laptop from other devices.