Apple’s plans go back to the past

The rumors about all the products that Apple is going to release and that it could release do not stop, but this one that we are going to talk about in this post is really interesting, since it could be in the plans of the Cupertino company, again , a product that he launched a long time ago, and that he ended up removing from the market. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

We recently got a really good example of a move that Apple could take place at the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024, and it is the return of a product that was once removed from its store and, therefore, from the market, but which is now reborn from the ashes. Nothing happened with the HomePod recently, since in March 2021 it eliminated the 1st generation HomePod, and a few weeks ago, it relaunched it, this time with small changes and a completely similar aesthetic.

Well, it seems that the HomePod may not be the only representative of this movement, since Apple’s plans could go through bring back a computer which, in its day, did have some success, but which it finally had to remove from the market because its older brothers ate its sales.

The 12-inch MacBook could be a reality again

Surely, from the clues that we have been giving you, you will have thought of this product, and it is that yes, it is not the first time that the fact that Apple could be considering the return of this computer has sounded strong. If we remember, the macbooksimply, without a last name, which is how Apple called this team, was the input laptop than apple had in its catalog for several years. However, at the performance level it was very poor, and also, it was not cheap at all, so its older brothers, both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, ended up eating it when the hype ended due to the attractive design that I had this computer.

On this occasion, it was a publication on the “yeux1122” account that raised suspicions, and it is that despite the fact that it has a history of successes and errors in equal parts about Apple’s predictions, this source affirms that a company in Taiwan is preparing to reintroduce the 12-inch MacBook, which is beginning to be manufactured, but at the moment, it is not doing it en masse. Nothing is clear at Apple yet, so they would be considering whether this is really a good idea for the company.


The reality is that, if this launch ended up being real, it would make sense if it met a fundamental requirement, that it had a really cheap price. Obviously, this hypothetical MacBook would be Apple’s entry-level laptop, so it would have to have a considerably lower price than the MacBook Airand consequently, also an inferior processor if Apple does not want, again, to cannibalize the sales of the Air model with it, something that happened at the launch of the first version of the MacBook.