Apple’s play with the fast charging of the iPhone that you will not like

One of the biggest controversies and buts that many users have always put on the iPhone is the limited fast charging that Apple devices have, especially if you compare it with other competing equipment, which doubles and triples the charging speeds of its devices. terminals. Well, this with the iPhone 15 is going to change, all thanks to USB-C. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

One of the great news that many users are already celebrating is that AApple is finally going to change the Lightning port of the iPhone to make the definitive leap to USB-C. The truth is that this movement by the Cupertino company has been a long time coming, and they really do not do it of their own free will, but rather encouraged by the norm that is imposed in the European Union.

However, be that as it may, both regular and Pro models of iPhone 15 will feature USB-C at launchthat is, in September 2023. Among many other things, the inclusion of this connector will allow users to have faster charging speeds on their devices, that is, now the iPhone can be compared to some Android devices in this sense, at least that’s how it has been leaked by the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who affirms that Apple will change the limitation to 20 W for 27 W.

Apple wants to benefit from USB-C

So far everything is perfect, it’s only good news for users, however, Apple is a company that leaves nothing loose and wants to control everything that happens with its devices as much as possible, especially at the charging level. That is why, according to Kuo, the Cupertino company intends that these charging speeds will increase on the iPhone 15 only possible through Apple-certified USB-C cablesthat is, you will not be able to buy or use any USB-C cable that you have at home to charge your iPhone, since it will surely not be certified by the company and you will not be able to charge your iPhone at the 27 W that it will enable in the new models .

The reality is that it is something that is not surprising, especially considering that the famous “made for iPhone” It has given Apple a lot of money, making it want to keep much of the revenue it receives from certifying charging cables for its devices now with the transition to USB-C. Now, it must be clarified that what Apple is not going to do is prevent you from using other types of cable, obviously anyone who is USB-C will allow you to charge your iPhone, however, we emphasize again, if what you want is take advantage of the 27 W fast charge that the new iPhone 15 will have, then yes or yes you will have to use a USB-C cable that is certified by the Cupertino company.

made for iphone

Finally, it should be mentioned that although initially It is a decision that can generate controversyIt is true that in the long run it can be very beneficial for users, since in the end these cables will also take care of the device’s battery and cause its degradation to be very large, something that surely could happen with use from other options that are not certified by Apple.