Apple’s “shit” becomes a complete success

Last week Apple made a series of launches that, of course, did not leave anyone indifferent. From the Mac mini to the 2nd generation HomePod through the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. However, the most criticized of all was just the last to come out, the HomePod, and what seemed like a mistake by Apple seems to have become a complete success.

Despite the fact that the possibility that Apple was working on a new HomePodIt is true that its launch surprised many, since everything seemed to indicate that it would happen, obviously, but in these next few months, not just in January. However, and this initially did not seem like a very good sign, the surprise was even greater when users saw what Apple had called the 2nd generation HomePod.

This surprise we are talking about is caused because the vast majority of rumors indicated that Apple was going to carry out a great facelift This device was even rumored to merge with Apple TV. And while it is true that expectations cannot be carried away by so many rumors, it is certainly very strange that two years after removing the 1st generation HomePod from the market, Apple launches a version that is practically identical at least in form.

Obviously, those of Cupertino have not launched the same product on the market, since it has various improvements and new features Surely they are capable of making all the users who will have the opportunity to enjoy this equipment in their homes fall in love, but surely it was not unreasonable to expect something different from what Apple has launched.

HomePod sales soar

Apple is a money making machine and it is sure that from Cupertino they had all these movements perfectly calculated. And it is that despite the fact that the surprise was for the worse when Apple launched the 2nd generation HomePod, the sales that this device is having speak of a great acceptance by the public of this product.

HomePod 2

Far from this launch being a failure in sales, the truth is that at least initially, users have launched en masse for this new 2nd generation HomePod. So much so that in many places, the delivery periods of this equipment have even gone to 1 monthwhich is just what happens in USA with the midnight color, but be aware that it is not the only place where users will have to wait to enjoy it, since in United Kingdomalso has delays of up to 6 weeks, the same as in Germany, where they also exceed the month of waiting. But is that in Spaincurrently both the white model and the midnight model, are already delivered from the month of March.

Surely much of the blame for this success of HomePod is in the HomePod mini, since many users have seen what Apple is capable of doing in the field of sound and have not wanted to miss the opportunity to enjoy what, In theory, it should be the best experience you can get from a smart speaker.