Apple’s solution to sell more iPhone 14

Apple and all users were aware that, from the moment of launch, the iPhone 14 was a device that would sell very poorly, due to its price and its few differences compared to the previous generation. However, Apple could have opted for some solutions to boost its sales, even if, failing that, it is slightly copying large companies like Samsung.

A couple of discounts a year doesn’t hurt

If the only solution to overcome the sales of the iPhone 14 is to get a yellow iPhone. Instead, companies like Samsung make promotions at certain times of the year with the aim of getting more customers to approach the Korean company. Unlike Apple, prices are constant throughout the year, that is, they have the same price on the day of their launch as on the day before their renewal.

Apple can also use the promotion strategy with interrelated devices, that is, use the poor sales of the iPhone 14 and add a device that has been on the market for several years and that is amortized to increase its benefits. In this sense, Samsung, Xiaomi or Honor usually carry out, at some point in their fiscal year, some economic discount or points to exchange with the objective that the disbursement is not expensive.

iPhone 14 yellow with Pro Max Silver

Some of the examples that I can think of is giving away some Second generation AirPods or a 5% discount, the same strategy that Apple uses for education promotions. Also, in the near future, you can start using your systems as Apple Card, to earn points that allow you to earn points on your next purchases of the company’s products.

Another solution to increase your sales is to improve the customer service. Apple Trade In for certain products. If iPhone 13 is similar to iPhone 14, Why not improve the Apple Trade In service by lowering the user fee?

But of course, what does apple gain from this? The profit margin for these types of products may be lower, but it manages to improve your financial results. In addition, Apple can get more users in its ecosystem, and from there, obtain more benefits with its subscription programs like Apple One.

The little innovation of Apple

If the iPhone 14 had hardly any differences from the 13th generation, it could have played with the iPhone 14 Plus launch as an initial launch and not delay it for more than a month, as well as incorporating into this device the chip of this generation which includes the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is a device that surely has much more followers than the iPhone 14, since it has the same dimensions as the Pro Max series and, consequently, a larger battery and panel.

iPhone 14 and 14 plus side

By way of concludedn, Apple’s iconic innovation from the Steve Jobs era has moved on to a much more analytical and structured stage, where the risks involved are minimal, innovation is trickle-free and many users long for Apple to surprise them again. We have a clear example with the iPhone 14 and its minimal news.