Apple’s New USB Type-C Cable Will Not Be Android Compatible

Apple’s iPhones will soon have a USB Type-C connector because of industry pressure, but there is a major twist. According to recent speculations, Apple is aiming to introduce a customized USB Type-C port, created just for iPhones, meaning you will not be able to charge your iPhone using your Android charger. The EU mandated that Apple incorporate a USB-C connection for their charging ports last year. Apple’s MacBook and iPad have USB Type-C connectors already. The same holds for iPhones, the business has revealed.

Apple Will Create A New USB TYpe-C Cable

Apple has stated that it will follow the EU’s directive, but a fresh story on Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent) suggests that the corporation may not make compliance that easy. Apple plans to use a proprietary integrated circuit (IC) interface for the iPhone’s USB Type-C connection. The iPhones from Cupertino come with a lightning connector that has a built-in authentication procedure. An iPhone can only be charged using the official Apple charger.

To authenticate devices using the USB-C connector, Apple may include a proprietary IC chip, as has been speculated about for the Lightning port. Thus, it is possible that third-party attachments that aren’t part of Apple’s “Made for iPhone” program will not function as well as “genuine” Apple accessories. Faster charging and higher data transmission speeds are two examples. It is not clear what the specific repercussions would be, but if it undermined USB-goal C’s of being a global interface, the European Union (EU) may take action.

Apple’s senior VP of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, stated in October at The Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live conference that the company will “clearly” have to comply with the regulation. When asked if Apple will adopt the USB Type C connector as required by the EU law, Joswiak responded, “We have no option.” Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, has suggested that the USB-C ports on the standard and Pro versions would be different. The standard models’ USB-C connector will provide transfer rates on par with those of a lightning cable (USB 2.0 speed). However, higher-end models like the Pro and Pro Max will enjoy improved data transfer rates.