Apple’s war against foreign AI

Artificial intelligence is giving a lot to talk about. And in this case, Apple has given direct orders that affect the workers in its offices. And it is that, for a few days, these are prohibited from using non-Apple AI tools. Do you want to know the reasons? Or what Apple is up to about this issue? We tell you!

If you work at Apple offices, you can’t use other AI

The company with the bitten apple banned a few days ago the use of AI technologies from third-party companies, according to an internal report that was published, and to which The Wall Street Journal has been able to access. The North American media emphasizes two artificial intelligence tools, which are Apple has focused on banning them inside doors: ChatGPT, from OpenAI and GitHub Copilot, from Microsoft.

Why this ban? There are two notable facts. The first of them, massive data collection who carry out this type of models for their training and sophistication. On the other, the fact that GitHub Copilot knows how to write code much faster. And if we take into account that many developers work in Apple offices, they no longer have “the little candy” to be able to speed up tasks in specific areas, using technology from companies that are from the competition.

In addition, Apple takes the issue of privacy in its offices very seriously. As The Wall Street Journal reports, “OpenAI revealed in March that it temporarily disconnected ChatGPT because a programming bug allowed users to see the titles of other users’ conversations.

Apple and its generative AI model

Artificial intelligences that are not from Apple are banned. But this does not indicate that the company is closing the doors to this type of technology, quite the contrary. 9to5Mac reported exclusively that the company «is testing a new generative natural language model for Siricalled Bobcat».

siri apple tv

This is known because in a tvOS beta, in version 16.4, Apple enabled a framework in the software called “Siri Natural Language Generation”, as reported. “Apple is just using natural language generation for when Siri tells jokes on Apple TV. The company is experimenting with how the generation could be used in timers as well.” In addition, they explain that this code is not only available (and enabled) on Apple TV. But it is also, although disabled, on the HomePod, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Although they also warn in the following: «The fact that Apple is testing the natural language generation function in Siri, does not mean that they are developing any chatbot similar to ChatGPT. In fact, Apple may be using all of this technology to enhance existing Siri capabilities.”

They also explain how Siri works. And it is that the assistant of Apple works based on language templates, instead of using the natural generation of the languagetechnology that is the one that has been discovered that it is already testing.