Applications that take a long time to download from the App Store, solution?

However, your WiFi or data connection works perfectly, you test it and see how you have very good speed and coverage. So why does this happen? Let's see what the problem is.

Why do apps download so slowly?

The first thing we have to take into account is the weight of the application and our network speed, since it is true that there are applications that occupy hundreds of megabytes, and if we have a slow WiFi internet connection, or poor mobile data coverage, Normally it takes several minutes to download.

But what happens when that's not the case? I'm sure you've ever tried to download a very simple game or application, which may weigh 30 or 40 megabytes, and yet, despite having 5G or a stable WiFi network, it doesn't seem to want to download, and it takes forever.

Well I have bad news, it's not your fault, nor can you fix it. It's something that Apple has been suffering for many years. In my case it happened to me with an iPhone X and an iPhone 13 Pro, and there is no logic for it. The App Store, like the other iCloud services depends on the company's servers.

For example, when a new update comes out for iOS or MacOS, during those first hours, the speed at which you can download it is much slower than if you do it 20 days later. The reason? Server saturation.

This is what happens occasionally in the App Store as well, and there's nothing you can do to fix it. It is very frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry because you have forgotten an app that you need at a specific moment, and when you download it you see that it is going to take minutes…

App paused

And, being the company it is, this should not happen. There is no data on the models, connections or times when it happens most, but when it happens, it is quite frustrating, at least in my case.

In short, if you have verified that your connection works correctly and the application or game is not very heavy, and it still takes a long time to download, don't worry, It's not your problem, and there is no solution.the only thing you can do is wait for it to finish.

And you, have you suffered this problem? Do you have any kind of trick or solution to remedy it? Sometimes changing between data and WiFi we get a reconnection to the server which causes it to give us priority and start downloading more quickly, however, it does not always work, and in many cases we will not be able to do anything but wait.