Applications to rent bikes in the city for iPhone

If you like to move around the city by bicycle, from the iPhone you can rent one. Urban and sustainable mobility applications are gaining more and more weight. And beyond electric motorcycles and scooters, bicycles also have their audience. That is why here we bring you some applications with which you can rent bicycles and move around the city at a low cost.

Get around by bike and rent it with the iPhone

We are going to show you three applications with which you can rent bicycles in the city. Whether they are “standard” bicycles (with pedals), or electric bicycles, these applications offer the same product, but some with different services and proposals. So whether you only want to make short journeys, or if you want to have your own bike and always use the same one, you will surely love these applications.

Rent bicycles and electric bikes with Cooltra

Cooltra is a popular application in large cities as it offers a multitude of transport options: electric motorcycles, scooters, and also bicycles. Its classic formula is the possibility of renting bicycles by the minute. These bicycles are distributed throughout the city, and we will have to go looking for the one that is closest to us through the application.

In this way, once we have selected the bike we want, we start the trip and at the end, we park within the permitted areas. But this is only one of the ways in which we can rent bicycles. They also have a monthly subscription service with which we can rent an electric bicycle. This bicycle will always be “ours”, since we will always use the same one.

Cooltra Motosharing Scooter
Cooltra Motosharing Scooter

Swapfiets imports its model in Spain

swapfits app iphone

Swapfiets is an application that was born in the Netherlands, and whose main focus is the monthly rental of bicycles. It is not possible to rent bicycles by the minute or by the hour, but with a fixed price each month, we can choose between different powers of electric bikes, or choose a “pedal” bicycle. Through the application you can choose the model of bicycle you want to rent and find the nearest store.

As if they were a kind of “store”, the Swapfiets stores They have the bike rack and the repair center. It is in those stores where we are going to have to go to look for our bicycle. In the same way, when we end the subscription, we must return it to the store. As for parking the bicycle, we can park it wherever we want (if it is an area where bicycles can be parked).


With Reby rent bikes by the minute and by the hour

reby app iphone

Reby is a service with which you can rent bicycles and electric bikes by the hour and by the minute. We can choose whether to pay for each minute of travel, or, buy daily mobility passes, so that the journey is cheaper for us. In addition to bikes and electric bikes, they also offer electric scooter rentals.

But as far as bicycles are concerned, the formula is simple: with the application interface we have a map with which we can select the bicycle that is closest to our location. To start a trip we will only have to select it. The same happens at the end of the trip, which we will have to park within permitted areas.

Reby - Ride Away
Reby - Ride Away