Apps for the Apple Watch Ultra, Depth and Siren, available before the clock

The Apple Watch Ultra, presented as a novelty on April 7 and intended for those adventurers and athletes, has one of the best screens that an Apple Watch can have. In addition, it has a customizable button that will help us put the application that best suits us on it. Apple does not want to waste time and wants you to have some specific applications available when the watch arrives. It is because of that Depth and Siren are now available.

Two new applications have just been added to the App Store that still do not have a device where they can be installed, because these two applications are created specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra. We are talking about Depth and Siren.

If we talk about Siren, this is specifically designed for emergency situations. For example, if users get lost or suffer some other inconvenience in a remote area, they can, to draw attention to their location, activate this application. When the action button on Apple Watch Ultra is pressed for a long time, the app emits a unique 86-decibel sound pattern that can be heard up to 180 meters away.

Instead, if we talk about Depth, we are referring to an application that It is used during recreational underwater activities at a depth of 40 meters. Any activity that we do up to that depth, the application will be able to inform us of the current depth, water temperature, duration under water, as well as the maximum depth that they have reached. Best of all, this App can be activated automatically at the moment as soon as the Apple Watch Ultra is submerged. But of course, like any other, it can be started manually.

Now, you may be wondering if the fact that they are placed in the App Store right now is because the Apple Watch Ultra brings them to us from the factory. It is not like this. It does bring them from the factory, but Apple thinks that some users may want to delete some of them for not using it. Just in case you want to have them again, it is better to look for it in the App Store It does not reset the watch to factory mode.

Depth (AppStore Link)
Siren (AppStore Link)