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We try one of the cameras with the best specifications on the market despite its low price. The new Aqara E1 is almost a must-buy for anyone who wants a video surveillance service at home.

Aqara's new E1 camera has everything you need to make it the first on your shopping list. Compact, discreet, with 2K resolution, possibility of recording in the cloud or on a microSD card, compatible with HomeKit Secure Video (and other platforms), motorized, night vision and with privacy mode, all this for an official price of €59.99 which may be lower with some promotion. It is a round product whose main virtues we explain below.


  • 2K resolution (1296p) f/2.0 lens
  • 101º viewing angle (360º thanks to motorization)
  • Two-way audio
  • Local microSD storage up to 512GB (not included), in the cloud and on NAS
  • USB-C connection
  • WiFi-6 b/g/n/ax 2.4GHz connectivity
  • Detection of people and animals
  • Tracking people in motion
  • Compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video, Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT

We are looking at a small, discreet camera with a design and color that make it suitable for any corner of the house. We can also place it on a wall using a screw support, or on the ceiling, thanks to the support that comes in the box. From the application we can later configure it to rotate the image without being necessary. A shelf, a display case… the only requirement that we must take into account when placing the Aqara E1 is that we need a plug nearby, because it does not have an integrated battery, so the connection to the electrical network must be constant. We must also have good WiFi coverage, something that will not be complicated if our router is halfway decent thanks to compatibility with WiFi 6.

In the camera we find few elements that attract attention. A front LED that indicates the status of the camera (on, viewing and recording), the speaker grille and the USB-C connector to plug in the cable that will supply power. The camera head is motorized and, together with its 110º viewing angle, allows it to cover 360º of the room in which you place it.. The movement is horizontal and vertical, which allows it to track the people it detects perfectly, if that is how you have configured it. The microSD slot for local storage appears when the lens is in the most vertical position possible.


As usual, the configuration process can be carried out directly from the iOS Home application or from the Aqara application, and it is best to do it from the latter because the configuration options are greater. It is a very direct and simple procedure, scanning the camera's QR code with the camera of our iPhone. If you start the configuration process with the Aqara app, at the end of it you will have the steps to add it to your HomeKit network.

Aqara appAqara app

The E1 camera offers us many configuration options in its Aqara app. It does not have as many features as the excellent G3 (and much more expensive) but for many, this E1 will be more than enough, because it offers much more than most HomeKit surveillance cameras. For example, we can configure the detection of people, so that it does not notify us if our dog is detected, but when a person appears in its field of vision. We can also configure it to track it around the room, thanks to being a motorized camera. We also have the possibility of detecting noises, such as alarms. We can configure the recordings on the microSD card or in the Aqara cloud, so that it records continuously or only when it detects a person. Not to mention the long list of automations that we can configure with the camera, which can act as either the “start” of the automation (if it detects something, for example) or as the “end” of it (if something happens that we preset, it will be activates or deactivates some camera functionality).

The motorization of the camera allows interesting options, such as capturing panoramic views of the room where it is located at times that you have previously set in the settings, or of course the possibility of seeing the camera live from our mobile and be able to manually move the camera with the control knob that appears on the screen. We can configure predefined positions, and we can make the camera return to one of the positions once it has finished moving, so that it is always placed in the position we want. Another very interesting option that few cameras have is the Privacy mode, in which the camera rotates completely and stops recording at times that you have programmed. Or the possibility of establishing areas that will not be recorded, in your field of view.

Camera in Home appCamera in Home app

The Home app does not offer us so many functionalities. To begin with, the image quality is limited to 1920×1080, and we will not have any control over camera movement. But instead We have iCloud cloud recording for free if we have contracted additional storage in the Apple cloud. In addition, everything that is recorded will not count as occupied space, so it is an excellent option to store the videos from our cameras. We can configure when we want it to be recorded, and also establish two different settings depending on whether we are at home or not.

Editor's opinion

The Aqara E1 is a perfect surveillance camera for those looking for excellent value for money, with advanced recognition functions that only much more expensive cameras usually have. Good image quality, motorization and integration with HomeKit Secure Video, the only thing missing is being able to be a Zigbee Hub, as the G3 is, but which is also much more expensive. Its price is €59.99 (official) and can be purchased on Amazon (link) sometimes at even lower prices.

Aqara E1Aqara E1
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  • Last modification: March 24, 2024


  • 2K quality
  • Night vision
  • Motorization
  • People tracking
  • Automations
  • HomeKit Secure Video Compatible