Aqara presents its new video intercom for HomeKit

Aqara has taken advantage of CES 2023 to present us with its new HomeKit devices, among which the video intercom compatible with HomeKit Secure Video stands out and a smart lock.

Video Doorbell G4

Aqara has a good number of home security cameras compatible with HomeKit Secure Video, all of which have been analyzed on our channel, perfect for creating our own home video surveillance system with all the features that HomeKit offers us, such as smart notifications or the cloud recording. Now it adds to its catalog a new video intercom that can work with battery or wired, and that is compatible not only with HomeKit Secure Video, but can also be viewed on the screens of Amazon and Google devices, and that It is also compatible with Matter. It also has facial recognition that can be used to execute automations according to the person it detects, and the possibility of storing videos locally thanks to the microSD card slot.

Smart Lock U100

It is one of the few smart locks on the market that are compatible with HomeKit, and it is also compatible with Home Key, which allows you to store the “key” on your iPhone to open it, as if you were paying in a store. It also works with fingerprints, with numeric codes, NFC cards, even with physical keys.. It is also compatible with Matter through an Aqara Hub. At the moment it will be limited to the American market.

LED strip T1

The new Aqara LED strip has 16 million colors, including white in different warm and cool shades. It is compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home, uses the Zigbee protocol for its connection, and is compatible with Matter through a Hub of the brand.

FP2 presence sensor

This new presence detector uses mmWave technology to detect even people who remain motionless. Sand different areas of action can be configured, each of which will execute different actions if we configure it that way. It can detect multiple people, falls and includes a light sensor.

All these devices will be available in the coming months, no date set yet. They are also pending confirmation of their prices.