Aqara has renewed its most original controller, Cube, with the new Cube T1 Pro, which adds compatibility with HomeKit in addition to other innovations such as ZigBee 3.0 and better energy efficiency.

The new Cube T1 Pro controller now supports HomeKit, and has a new Scene mode that lets you control accessories and scenes around your home, recognizing different gestures like squeezing, shaking, rotating, twisting, and tapping. Its operation can be explained as if it were a dice, so that depending on which face of the Cube is on top, it will execute a scene or control an accessory that we have previously configured. In fact, this Cube T1 Pro has points engraved on its faces, like dice, in order to identify them. The orders that we can give to this Cube T1 Pro have different degrees of complexity, so we can complicate things much more and turn the cube to determine the percentage that we want a curtain to open or close.

Aqara T1 Cube Pro Controller

To be able to execute all these actions precisely, it has a 6-axis sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, so that it not only knows what position it is in permanently, but it can recognize any change in it and any movement made. With all this we can control up to 32 accessories or scenes, and it is compatible with all home automation platforms including HomeKit, as well as IFTTT. dispose of one CR2450 battery that is replaceable and has a two-year autonomy with normal use. Aqara has also announced that it is compatible with updates via OTA (wireless) and that it will be compatible with Matter, so the future of this controller is more than guaranteed. For its operation it is necessary to have one of the Aqara Hubs that we have already analyzed in our blog and YouTube channel.

It is now available in online stores such as Amazon (link) at a price of €27.99 in different countries throughout Europe, including Spain.