Are AirPods Max a good gift for Christmas?

Yes, two years ago, since Apple launched the first generation of AirPods Max by press release. Two years later, many users ask themselves:Is it worth buying it for Christmas? We are going to analyze if it is worth making the purchase of Apple Diadema headphones from an analysis of the design, hardware and software

design and hardware

In general, the design of the AirPods Max has a unique design, where Apple engineers have drawn a different line from the competition with respect to Sony or Boose headband headphones. In addition, they have a very good weight that prevents them from being heavy when we have been working with them for a long time. Their design makes it adapt very well to our ears and to the position of our head thanks to the grid that it incorporates in the upper part and prevents it from bothering us. In addition, they are adjustable, comfortable and clean, since we can remove the pads to clean them and eliminate sweat marks due to work days.

AirPods Max have two physical buttons which are very interesting and which have two main advantages. The first of these is the ability to control the volume directly from the headphones and secondly, the noise and ambient noise cancellation button. However the Negative point of this product is the need for buy a 3.5 mm jack cable if you want to have a direct connection from the headphones to the Mac or we want to use it on the plane. Apple has made a mistake when it has promoted professional headphones without a direct connection cable that allows the highest possible acoustic fidelity.


The connection that occurs between devices of the bitten apple it’s amazing and AirPods are no exception. Is time nonexistent connection that occurs between Diadema headphones and any Apple device. The connection time between devices is much better than if you use competing devices and on many occasions, you do not realize that the AirPods Max processor The Bluetooth connection to another device has been changed to receive information from another point, a fundamental aspect when we receive a call and want to answer it from the iPhone through AirPods.

iPad 10 + AirPods Max 2

The connections among Apple devices they are much more stable, much faster and have a greater connection range when you move away from your work point. It may seem like a secondary aspect, but going to another part of the house or studio and not losing the connection if you are making a call or listening to music is a great advantage that is only appreciated when micro-cuts or loss of connection occur.

Is it worth two years later?

Although the writing team of La Manzana Mordida are very fanboys, we are aware that the official price of the AirPods Max are 629 euros. For that price, there are competing products that are much more moderately priced and have similar features in terms of sound quality, lowless, noise cancellation, and a better protective case than the one included in the AirPods Max.

Black AirPods Max

Although its official price is expensive, it is common to find offers on Amazon, Fnac or even El Corte Inglés, reaching a price around 470 euro. Under this price, the AirPods Max if they are a magnificent purchase for this ChristmasDue to the quality of the materials and continuing within the Apple ecosystem makes it a great purchase.