Are small iPhones over at Apple?

The next iPhone SE will not be as we expected

For a long time, rumors about a radical change of the iPhone SE They’ve been hanging around Apple’s newscast with a lot of force. However, what was initially thought to happen with this device seems not to be the case, and that is that the Cupertino company has different plans than what, in theory, could be the most expected.

After the elimination of the mini model within the iPhone 14 range, all the rumors indicated that the next iPhone SE would adopt this design and this size, that is, that it really the iPhone mini would be the iPhone SEobviously with the specifications cut, but in the end, the body of the 4th generation iPhone SE would be the one that, in theory, would have to take the iPhone 14 mini or the one that currently also has the iPhone 13 mini.

This hypothetical movement within Apple would make all the sense in the world, since what iPhone SE buyers, in theory, want is an iPhone with smaller dimensions, besides also having a very economical equipment. Well, it seems that Apple has different plans for this iPhone model, which would mean saying goodbye to small phones within the Cupertino company.

back iphone 13 mini

According to one of the most popular analysts in all of Apple’s rumor mill, Ross YoungApple’s plans with the iPhone SE go through giving it the design that until now has had the iPhone XR. In this way, users will be able to acquire an iPhone with the all-screen design and with a 6.1 inch size, but at a much lower price than the latest models. Now, the fact that the iPhone SE adopts this design or this body also implies that users of this device would not have an OLED screen, but would continue with an LCD panel.

A significant change would come in the way of unlocking the equipment, since now yes, goodbye to the Touch ID for the benefit of the characteristic Face ID, which would be present, how could it be otherwise, in the notch. Now, this would be expected, however, many rumors also indicate that despite having a notch, perhaps the unlocking method could still be Touch ID, which would be on the lock button on the side of the iPhone.

iPhone XR

However, this is only a rumor that, although it is not the first time it has come to light, it must be taken with a grain of salt since there are still many days, weeks and months left for the Cupertino company to renew the benefits of the iPhone SE, which we remember was already updated a few months ago and therefore, it does not seem that its next version will arrive soon.