Are there differences between official and cheap AirTags?

AirTags are one of the accessories that have helped me the most in my daily life. If you are very clueless people (as is my case), having an AirTag will allow you to find easy-to-lose objects quickly, saving time and above all, avoiding the feeling that you always have everything lost. It is true that this gadget has a high price, that is why today we are going to comment on some differences with respect to the models. low cost and if they are worth it in relation to AirTags.

Search app support

Most devices low cost that are on the market today have Synchronization with the Search application. This means that we will not need any external application by default so that we can know the location of what we have lost. Therefore, a point in favor of third-party accessories, because we can also track it from Apple's own app.

As to security and privacy, the Search network is end-to-end encrypted and is completely anonymous, so no one will be able to know the location data or know the history of where our objects are located. All the information will be stored on our iPhone, and not even Apple itself will be able to know about it.


AirTag case

The most minimalist of all is the Apple AirTag, with the brand's characteristic and iconic white color, since it does not have buttons and mixes the material with plastic where we can add silkscreens.

He ATUVOS locator It is a completely plastic AirTag with a small button on the front. Its great advantage is the inclusion of a space to add a strap or hook that makes its use more manageable or even prevents its loss. The latter is a clear advantage over AirTags.

We have the same situation with the generic search engine, Key Finder, built in black plastic material and with a hole on the side and bottom. Its black color may give it a more premium appearance, but we cannot forget that it is made of plastic, like the second option.

Battery and noise

Two AirTags

All three accessories use the same type of battery: CR2032, they are batteries that you can find in any supermarket. All batteries last approximately one year, although the Key Finder model offers a range of 8 to 12 months.

Regarding loudness, the Apple AirTag is the one that offers the least intensity of all with a power of 60 dB; the ATUVOS model around 60 and the general search engine reaches figures of 95 dB.


iPhone and AirTag

Finally, we are going to talk about prices, a crucial aspect when purchasing any product. Apple's official AirTags are priced at 39 euros per unit and 129 euros for the purchase of four units.

Third-party models offer a cheaper price and the possibility of being able to buy it in a pack of two, three or even four units. One of the best alternatives is the ATUVOS locatorwith a price of 16 euros, less than half.

To conclude this post, the three options that we have discussed are very interesting, but if you want a nice design, stay within the Apple ecosystem and achieve complete synchronizationAirTags would be the best option.