Are there reasons to spend 1000 euros on an iPad?

With the presentation of the new tenth-generation iPad Pro and iPad, Apple concludes the presentations and product launches in 2022, therefore, it is time to analyze the new devices and all users ask themselves the following question: Is the new iPad Pro worth it?

The most powerful iPad Pro ever

The iPad Pro, independent of the 11-inch or 12.9-inch model, represents the consolidation and improvement of a product that comfortably meets the expectations of users, being the ideal replacement for a computer or the ideal complement to be more productive in your tasks. . We are going to analyze some of the advantages of a practically perfect product.

  • Layout and display: Despite the continuous design, the rumors of the arrival of an iPad with a glass back have not been fulfilled, which will be a magnet for fingerprints and would have less resistance to shocks. The screen It has also improved and becomes more apparent when you are editing HDR photos and videos. Also, this new iPad includes 1,000 bits of full screen and a peak brightness of 1,6000 bits, as well as the P3 color range.
  • One processor to rule them all: Little by little we must review the new Apple Silicon from Apple. If the iPad M1 had been a true revolution, the M2 is the continuation of what already works, with improvements in efficiency and performance. In addition, in this generation you can include up to 16 GB of RAM, so very few users will have complaints about the performance of this device in video games or design tasks.

  • Arrival of professional apps: The new iPad Pro comes with the arrival of professional applications such as DaVinciResolve, a professional video editing software that for all lovers of this field represents a quantum leap when it comes to being more productive with the iPad.
  • iPadOS: the new version of the operating system designed for iPad improves the user experience and enjoys this great equipment. In addition, it includes specific improvements for graphic designers such as the floating function.

A very disappointing evolution

The iPad has many sections inherited from the previous model, which makes it a disappointing evolution for many users. Here we discuss some aspects:

  • Price: 1,449 euros for the iPad Pro is a high price, but if you have to add the second-generation Apple Pencil and the keyboard to this, the price of the product is more than 2,000 euros, where many users consider buying the previous generation in stores. from third parties for a much more affordable price.
  • Storage: Starting with 128 Gb for a device designed for professionals, it falls short for most users when they have one or more projects in the SSD memory of the team. 256 GB would be the ideal starting point.
  • Accessories Need: The iPad only has a USB-C port, so if you need to connect peripherals you will have to purchase third-party accessories, making the product even more expensive.

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Is the iPad Pro 2022 worth it?

The answer is: depends and it depends on many aspects. If you’re coming from an older generation, it’s probably not worth upgrading from the iPad Pro with the M1 chip to the new iPad Pro, because the new features are minimal and from a software point of view, they are included in the previous generation.

Yes you don’t have any iPad Proand you are going to use it professionally as a video editor or graphic designer, this iPad Pro is an ideal device for you, because you have the best chip on the market in a very easy-to-carry design, perfect for traveling and making presentations. of your projects.

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