Are there viruses on Mac? Yes, and that’s why you need an antivirus

Apple computers have many advantages, including security. And despite the fact that they are safer equipment, the truth is that they are not exempt from cyberattacks or malicious software. That is why, if you are looking for total protection for your Mac, Intego is an efficient, complete solution at a very special price.

Detect malware and prevent it from entering from outside

When our Mac computers are connected to the network, they are exposed (whether we want it or not) to possible malicious attacks, either through software that is installed without us realizing it, or through the usurpation of our most personal information, when we connect to public Wi-Fi networks and open. That is why a layer of protection that resists malicious attacks and keeps our personal information even more secure is a very good idea.

Intego is a protection software for our Mac, with which we can protect our equipment in different aspects that are crucial to keep our computer’s security up to date. We have, on the one hand, VirusBarrier, the antivirus with which we can scan all the files on our computer, to check that we don’t have any malicious software installed.

This type of covert software usually comes hidden in the form of downloadable files, or when we click on links that are not reliable. A famous case was the Silver Sparrow malware that, in 2022, came to affect more than 30,000 teams distributed in 150 countries and that it was a phishing (or identity theft). But they are not only limited to usurping identities. And it is that another malware application on Mac are cryptocurrency miners. In February of this same 2023, a new variant of the XMRig virus has already been detected, which is a miner that is installed on our Mac and runs in the background.

As you can see, the Mac, although it is more secure, is not without risk. But thanks to VirusBarrier we can rest easy. In the same way that when we connect to the internet, we want our connection to be secure. Thanks to NetBarrier will have a firewall specially designed for Macwhich guarantees much greater protection against malicious software that can enter through public networks.

Beyond antivirus

intego vpn Mac

The firm Intego, in addition to offering antivirus and firewall protection, offers a VPN service: Intego Privacy Protection. In case you don’t know, a VPN or virtual private network, disguises your identity when you connect to a Wi-Fi network and creates a secure virtual tunnel, through which other people will not be able to know the location or the network server where you have connected It is a security layer that, if we add antivirus software, our Mac will be proof of everything.

bundle into antivirus Mac

This VPN service can be enjoyed on up to 10 devices with one subscription, both on Mac and PC. But a VPN network not only makes your computer more secure when you browse, but also gives you the possibility to access catalogs from around the world on streaming platforms like Netflix, using your same account. The price of the antivirus and the VPN service? If you subscribe this month, from this link, you will have the Mac Premium Bundle with Antivirus, Firewall and VPN at 70% off: drops to 39.99 euros per year instead of 134.98 euros*. And if you are not convinced by the service, you have 30 days of free return with refund.