Are you a lover of good music? This application is ideal and cheaper than Apple Music

Music is our best friend, capable of making us feel sensations and feelings that we have never had before and changing our mood in less than a minute. Currently, the music industry is dominated by major record labels and applications such as Apple Music and Spotify. However, What if there is an application for those Rock lovers that is ideal for you? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.


This is an application that is designed by and for great rock and metal bands that seek to get rid of the music industry and that the money from user subscriptions is used so that bands can live with dignity, the fruit of their work.

As its name indicates, Rokk is a platform whose main theme is rock and its main subgenres. Now, it allows you to listen to other types of music and genres that have nothing to do with the six strings. The only condition is that the music is available for streaming and with the desire that the money goes directly to the band based on its reproduction and not through contracts.

This is achieved through the fact that all the money from subscriptions remains in the Metal and Rock community of Spain and is used to pay the bands for the service offered in this application.

Subscription plans

Currently, it has 3 subscription plans which have a lower price than major alternatives such as Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music. Let’s see the plans below.

  • Rock HIFI, 10.99 euros per month: It offers a 30-day free plan and includes all rock genres and the possibility of including another musical style. The sound quality is high quality and lossless, as well as general information, especially the artists. 10% of your subscription goes to artists.
  • Rock HIFI Pro, 19.99 euros: includes all styles of music and the ability to listen to your favorite songs with lossless audio, including FLAC. 20% of your subscription goes to bands and artists.
  • Rock Hifi Family, 16.99 euros: You can have up to 5 accounts in this same section and it is similar to the previous subscription plan. The only difference is that 10% of your subscription goes to directly support your favorite artist.

It is important to highlight that the first two plans have the student test with a discount of 50% and 16% for those users who make a annual subscription. This last subscription is available in all three subscription plans, while the student version is available only in the first two plans.

In principle, the new Rokk application will be available from January 2024, although you can enjoy a free 30-day plan starting today, as well as a subscription to the newsletter. The application focused on Rock and its subgenres will be available both in an online version and through the iOS and Android platforms.