Are you going to buy a Mac? keep this in mind

The optimization of resources by Apple teams means that, with less hardware features, your device performs better. Therefore, in this post we are going to see how much RAM your Mac needs

Why is choosing RAM right?

Choosing the correct RAM memory is essential, because once you buy the device it cannot be changed, since it is integrated into the processor, which is one of the reasons why Silicons have great performance. Therefore, you have to answer some questions before buying your MacBook or iMac: What use are you going to give the team?; Will this workflow change in the future? What do you do professionally?

8 GB of RAM as a starting point, enough?

The minimum RAM capacity offered by Apple may be sufficient for a certain number of users who have the MacBook as an office device, email management and notes and not to carry out code design or compilation tasks.

MacBook Air M2 side

For this type of user, 8 GB of RAM is more than enough, and you will not have heating problems or performance drops. In addition, in the event that you have to carry out a somewhat more complex process, the Apple Silicons detect that they need more power and use the method memory swap, which takes some energy from the SSD to work and run the process.

16 GB or 32 GB of RAM?

The problem starts when you buy the entry-level MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and you finish your professional training. In the event that you start working, it is very possible that it is not enough and you have to renew the device. To avoid unnecessary investments, it is best to try predict what are you going to do in the next 4-5 years, because Macs are computers that receive support for a long time. Therefore, if you think that the use you are going to make with your computer can change, it is advisable to choose the 16 GB RAM configuration and avoid problems in the future.

macbook pro m2

Now, if you are a user who multitasksuch as rendering a 3D animation, while you write emails for your clients or work, it is also interesting to take advantage of the 16 GB RAM option so that the Mac works more comfortably.

Only the most professional: 32 GB of RAM.

Really, very few users take advantage of the 32GB of RAM. This level of configuration is only available to those users looking to perform 3D renderings or want to compile different operating systems like Windows through Parallels. You can do this type of activity with 16 GB of RAM, but the best thing to do is use 32GB to work more comfortably.

The versions of 64 GB is not recommended for almost anyone that is not dedicated professionally and every day to perform very complex tasks, where they are users who do not mind changing the device every two or three years because they have incredible levels of quality and production.

macbook pro working

Ultimately, the most users with 8 GB is more than enough, 16 GB for more advanced users and 32 GB only for those sectors that seek to carry out the team and their work to another level.

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