Are you having problems with the iPhone 15 battery? I do this to save battery

What’s happening with iPhone 15 apps?

Before entering fully into this article, it is important that you know that Apple has recognized the problems of overheating and battery reduction, indicating that in some conditions they can cause this rise in temperatures. In addition, the Californian company itself claims that some third-party applications are causing overload and that it is working directly with developers. However, while the solution arrives, we have solutions that are very simple to apply and that work really well.

According to the most relevant English-speaking technological media, Instagram or

How to improve iPhone 15 battery life?

Below are different options how to improve iPhone 15 battery life. To do this, you have to go to settings < Battery to check the details of battery usage. If you want more accuracy, go to the “last 24 hours” option. This way, you will be able to know which applications are using battery. For me, Instagram has consumed 26% of my device's resources. Also, from the same tab we can search if there is any application in the background that is causing excessive battery consumption and that is located behind the scene.

We can also activate low power mode to prevent the applications we have in the background from consuming many resources. If we activate this option, it works by suspending email recovery, updating the application in the background, and automatically downloading them with a single button.

To activate low consumption mode, we have to go to Settings < Battery or ask Siri to do it. However, the most useful way to activate low power mode is by adding this option in the control panel tab, and you can add them from Settings, < Control Center < Customize controls and add low power mode.


It is also advisable to activate the automatic lock, activate brightness automatically and disable always-on display option which is available in the Pro models. The latter causes unnecessary battery drain and panel wear because the screen is always activated. I do find it interesting on the Apple Watch, but not on the iPhone.

To deactivate the automatic lock, you have to go to the screen and press to deactivate after 30 seconds of inactivity. Any longer than this is to wear out an autonomy already diminished by the applications mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Finally, let’s look at the glowTo do this, you have to go to Settings < screen < brightness, where we can set it to be automatic and adapt depending on the environmental conditions, so we will not have visual overstrain or visual understrain.