iOS 16.1 arrived a week ago and with it all the great features we’ve been expecting almost since the presentation of iOS 16 at WWDC last June. iOS version 15.7.1 has also arrived for users who prefer not to update to new versions, with important security improvements. However, some users with iOS 16.1 They are reporting problems with stability and connection to Wi-Fi networks with intermittent disconnections and even inability to connect to these networks. The error has not yet been declared by Apple but it is likely that if it is a software error we will have a solution with a premature patch.

Problems with connectivity to Wi-Fi networks in iOS 16.1

A new bug is appearing on Apple devices that have been updated to iOS 16.1. Through social networks and official forums, users are reporting Problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks. In some cases, the error is that it initially connects but when the terminal crashes it disconnects. Others, on the contrary, manage to connect but get interrupted disconnections throughout the activity with the device.

No clear pattern of impact has been found as bugs have been reported on iPhone 14, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, etc. That is, the hardware is not specific to this error but It seems to be a software bug in iOS 16.1, a bug. In fact, users who are enrolled in the public beta program and developers are already testing with the iOS 16.2 beta to see if the error remains or if, on the contrary, it is still in force.

Apple is likely to come up with a fix for this bug soon, and if it’s a software bug, release a small update in the form of a patch to try to correct the error as quickly as possible. In the event that the impact on users is very small because the error has been located, perhaps Apple could wait for iOS 16.2, although this is not very likely to happen.

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